Moisturizing and normalizing cream for impure skin

59.00 CHF

Moisturizing and normalizing cream ideal for impure and acne-prone skin. Characterized by a unique formulation, it contains ingredients for the normalization of sebaceous secretion, contributes to the control of the production of sebum secretion to prevent the formation of pimples and blackheads. It also accelerates the healing process, with a finely tuned emollient and moisturizing action that restores the skin’s natural balance.


  • Moisturizing and emollient action to restore the hydrolipid balance of the skin
  • Sebum-normalizing and skin-conditioning action
  • Purifying and antioxidant action to hinder bacterial activity
  • Astringent, decongestant and soothing action to improve the appearance and texture of the epidermis

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