Machera for impure and oily facial skin

59.00 CHF

Super exfoliating, purifying and sebum-normalizing mask for impure and oily skin that helps to narrow dilated pores and regulate sebum production for healthier, fresher and smoother skin.

This cleansing action:

  • Purifies pores and hair follicles to prevent the formation of blackheads (pimples and blackheads)
  • Relieves swelling and congestion to reduce redness
  • They facilitate metabolic functions, oxygenation and skin regeneration


  • Effective astringent action to shrink enlarged pores
  • Exfoliating action for smooth and harmonious epidermis
  • Purifying antioxidant action to deeply cleanse the skin
  • Sebonormalizing, conditioning action
  • Healing and soothing action to relieve redness and swelling
  • Emollient action for softer, smoother skin
  • Paraben-free preservatives

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