Silhouette concentrate rich in natural bioactivators

69.00 CHF

CELLIPEX Silhouette Concentrate is an exceptional, concentrated product that employs a rich mix of natural bio-activators, of the lipolysis process to trigger the breakdown of cellulite and localized fat accumulations. It contains Gelidium cartilagineum, a valuable red algae extract, and caffeine whose combined action stimulates adrenaline receptors in fat cells, initiating the process of lipolysis. It is an ideal slimming product for thighs, buttocks and abdomen.


  • Stimulation of the lipolysis process (breakdown of fats and triglycerides)
  • Draining action combined with lipolysis to eliminate excess water
  • Moisturizing, elasticizing and emollient action on the skin
  • Antioxidant properties

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