Swiss Whitening Box

298.00 CHF

CHOLLEY Swiss skin whitening Box – Ref. 1000C2V

An exclusive CHOLLEY Swiss Whitening Box that includes CHOLLEY Phytocell Whitintense Serum, the Super Premium Serum with an intense whitening action for the skin of the face, neck and décolleté and CHOLLEY Phytocell Harmonizer, the Super Premium Serum with a powerful whitening action on age spots and localized dark spots.
Dermatologically and clinically tested.


  • Intense skin whitening action achieved by preventing the maturation of melanin
  • Obstructs melanin production by blocking the hormone MSH
  • Stimulates cellular metabolism
  • Protective antioxidant action
  • Harmonizing, moisturizing and emollient action
  • Skin regenerating, conditioning and repairing action
  • Slows the photoaging process by increasing the skin’s resistance to UV oxidative stress


To combat hyperpigmentation (age spots, dark spots or melasma) in the morning and evening, after thorough cleansing, apply CHOLLEY Phytocell Harmonizer to localized hyperpigmented areas of the face, neck and décolleté .

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