Anti-aging and firming neck cream

125.00 CHF

Phytobiotech Firming Neck Cream – Neck Cream

Brand new neck cream, never has any cream affected this part of the body so much!
The neck area supports the full weight of the head and is almost constantly in motion. It is supported by some thin and relatively long muscles. The front part of the neck is covered by a large and very thin muscle called the Platysma. This delicate muscle is the most prone to sagging and the formation of wide and deep wrinkles due to chronological aging and photoaging.



Anti-aging and firming treatments for this area are very important because of its high visibility
Powerful anti-aging and firming cream specifically developed for chin, neck and décolleté skin to
Respond to the problems of double chin (also called turkey neck) and wrinkles

  • Intense Moisturizing and Filmogenic Action,
  • Intense Emollient & Elasticizing Action for Skin,
  • Intense Anti-Stress & Antioxidant Action
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