Firming cream for men’s skin

89.00 CHF

CHOLLEY BIOFORCE Crème Raffermissante – Ref. 812V

An exceptional protective and anti-aging product that helps maintain the structural integrity of the skin.

BIOFORCE firming cream can be used on essentially all skin types, but it is particularly beneficial against wrinkles, fine lines, and double chins. Another important benefit of this luxurious cream is its elegant matte base that blends seamlessly with all skin tones and eliminates unwanted shine, due to excess grease, for a beautiful and confident appearance.


  • Regulates normal skin growth, keratinization and nutrition
  • Helps, heals and repairs sun damage
  • Prevents hard, dry, flaky and irregularly pigmented skin
  • Inhibits oxidative damage from free radicals and UV rays
  • Firms the facial contour area and sagging around the chin
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